About Us

SLICE OF HEAVEN, LLC was established in 2007 as a full service cake decorating and candy supply site. Offering a wide variety of products, materials, and mediums  to make all of your cakes to be simply heavenly!

We offer educational opportunities as well with 36 + years worth of experience. Such as sugar artisan courses in gum paste floral design instruction plus our very own SASI Cake Club with monthly hands on projects.

We are here to serve you! Don't see the products you want, just let us know and we'll get it for you if possible at no extra cost. Thank you for your support!

Although the prices published on our web site are intended to be current, at times there may be a delay in updating price changes. All published prices are subject to change without notice.

Every effort is made to make your shopping experience @ Slice-Heaven.com truly HEAVENLY! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!

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