• Perma Ice 1 GALLON

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PERMA ICE 1 Gallon non edible display icing. This is a ***SPECIAL ORDER***!  Please allow 14 extra days to receive.

Magic Line’s PERMA-ICE is ideal icing for decorating dummy cakes, show cakes, ice cream displays and more. It is a NON EDIBLE, artificial icing specially formulated for creating beautiful display cakes.

Handles like butter-cream icing. Put in a disposable pastry bag to decorate the same variety of delicate decorations made with real icings. Can be THINNED with water for icing the cake. May be sanded for a really smooth look and finish.

PERMA ICE comes ready to use – - no mixing required. Recommends NO contact with other sugar icings or food products. Hot glue barrier between R.I. & edible decorations is needed.

Color with acrylic craft colors. It is washable and saves time of repeatedly decorating dummy cakes and spares frustration of having cakes damaged while in transit or display.

The base coat of Perma-Ice takes about 2 hours to dry, after icing the cake. Roses, borders and thicker decorations take 12 to 24 hours to dry. Speed dry by directing a fan towards the cake.

One gallon decorates about a 3 or 4 tier ‘dummy’ wedding cake or about six 8" round cakes, depending on the amount of decoration. Use the same decorating tools as for real cakes. Clean decorating tools with soap and water immediately after use to prevent hardening.

Minimum shipping rate – $16.75 Parcel Post within the continental USA.  Please Note: Please select the proper shipping rate. Cannot ship unless correct shipping is selected.  International RATES may be higher than estimated.

Storage: When properly stored, shelf life can be 1-2 years. Can thin with water if gets a little dry just like icing. 

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Perma Ice 1 GALLON

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