DINKYDOODLE DESIGNS Airbrush Machines make covering a cake in any color quick and easy. This can be beneficial as you need less color than you would to color the whole icing. The airbrush technique also allows shading and a variety of different colors on the same project while using the same colored base icing. when using dinky doodle paints its possible to layer the colors so you can spray change the final project if you are not happy with the result which is not possible with normal icing covering.

SPECIAL ORDER, please allow an extra 7-14 days.

  • The cake decorating airbrush is made with a soft touch coating which encases the compressor making it easy to wipe clean (The airbrush color can get into every nook and cranny if your compressor is not encased). 

  • The motor on the compressor is more powerful than normal airbrushes, so this one is not working as hard when you use it. 

  • The hose is clear allowing you to see any blockages. 

  • Touch activated on-off control.

  • Most airbrushes come with a 2cc cup (less than 1/2 tsp.) for your airbrush color. The Dinkydoodle Airbrush comes with a 3cc cup {more than 1/2 tsp.) allowing you to hold more color, for longer periods of work between refills. 

  • Leather pouch to protect the Airbrush gun. 

  • 2-year factory warranty.

    Comes in PINK or BLACK. Leave a message in the comment box. Thank you!

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Dinkydoodle Designs AIRBRUSH SET

  • $163.99