• 2 cavities per mold.  Each piece is 8" x 5" x 1ΒΌ"
  • This mold takes approximately 2 pounds of chocolate to make a solid 3-D high heel shoe.
  • This mold can be used for candy centers.
  • Suitable for chocolate, soap making, plaster and concrete crafting.
  • Do not use for hard candy or other hot ingredients.
  • First quality plastic mold, FDA approved.

How to Create Solid Shoe :  Cut the mold in two sections along the cut lines. The two cut pieces make up 1 full 3D high heel shoe when joined together, one 'left side' and one 'right side' pieces. Pour melted chocolate into the right hand side section (enough to make sure you cover the full 3D surface), clamp the corresponding left hand piece using fold back clips and then rotate the 3D mold to achieve an even chocolate coverage. Leave to set for say 30-60 seconds and then rotate again, continue until all the chocolate is set and the molds are fully covered.

How to Create Hollow Shoe:  Take care when cutting the heel mold, use a small scissors to achieve the cut. Take great care while cutting, particularly around the curved sections, so take your time. CAUTION: Do not cut too much off or you will not get the desired shape. Add your melted chocolate to the mold and rotate to achieve even coverage. Keep rotating until you are satisified that you have created a strong chocolate shell all round. This can take a while with such a big mold approx 15-20 minutes.  

Place the clamped mold into the fridge for approximately 15-20 minutes or the freezer for 5-10 minutes to allow the chocolate to set. The setting time will vary depending on the thickness of the chocolate and the size of the mold.

Tips & Care: Chocolate plastic molds are made from durable plastic and can be reused time and time again; ensure care is taken not to damage or scratch the plastic and your molds will continue to give you stunning results each and every time.

To clean your mold: Hand wash in luke-warm water, rinse and thoroughly dry before reusing.

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3-D HIGH HEEL Chocolate Mold

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